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Schwinn Ellipticals - Advantages of Schwinn Elliptical Crosstrainers

Looking at Schwinn ellipticals? Wondering how they rate against other elliptical brands?

This article will review Schwinn crosstrainers and cover some of the unique advantages you get with these elliptical trainers so you can decide if a Schwinn is right for you.

Some Background on Schwinn Crosstrainers:

Schwinn is owned by the Nautilus Health & Fitness Group - the same people behind Stairmaster, Bowflex and Trimline.

Nautilus is the one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment today so in this economy, they'll probably be around for a while.

Schwinn ellipticals have been around for several years, with new models coming onto the market every couple of years.

Their current models available are the 430, 420, 460 and 431 elliptical trainers.

Advantages of Schwinn Ellipticals:

Articulating Footplate - Most Schwinn models use an articulating footplate. The articulating footplate follows the natural motion of your foot and supports your heel throughout the entire stride motion which gives a smoother, more comfortable feel.

This can help reduce toe numbness and pain you might get with a cheaper elliptical and longer workouts.

18" Stride and Variable Stride - Most Schwinn crosstrainers come with a decent 18" stride, which is pretty good and should feel comfortable for most people.

The Schwinn 460 also comes with a variable stride from 2 to 26". You change the stride by applying more or less pressure.

This is a great way to challenge yourself as you can step with smaller strides, walk with medium strides or run with longer strides.

Comfortable, Quiet Operation - If there's one thing that Schwinn has really worked on, it's building ellipticals that feel comfortable and run quietly.

The articulating foot plates and magnetic ECB brakes help contribute to a comfortable ride. Plus the heavier 25 lb flywheels in the 431 and 460 models give you a smoother ride than most ellipticals under $1000

Built In Workouts - Schwinn ellipticals come with several built in workouts that do everything from track your heart rate recovery to burn a set amount of calories. The 460 even comes with 11 workout profiles built by the Nautilus Institute with instructional messages on how to exercise to maximize your results during each workout. It's like getting encouragement from your elliptical console.

Highly Rated - The Schwinn 418 (now discontinued) was rated a 'Best Buy' by a popular leading consumer magazine. And user ratings on these ellipticals are excellent with most ellipticals getting 4 out of 5 stars on average.


While these ellipticals are well made, they are still starter ellipticals without a lot of fancy bells and whistles. You don't get the workout programs, iPod ports or incline that you get with other brands.


Schwinn ellipticals give you great, comfortable design for a very reasonable price.

They offer great value for the money with decent stride lengths, comfortable design, built in workout programs and high expert and user ratings. If you're on a budget but still want a well built elliptical with a comfortable feel and sturdy design, Schwinn machines are worth checking out.


How to Make Eating Healthy a Simple Task

Today, there seems to be a lot of discussion and confusion about eating healthy and dieting and this can be cleared up rather quickly in one easy statement. Do you think you know the answer? Everyone is different.

What may be healthy and good for one person will not necessarily be the best diet for everyone else. You are unique and different from other people. The food that is best for you may not be the best for other people trying to lose weight and be healthy. There are those who do very well on meat and others who do not and the same is said when it comes to carbohydrates. The food that will be the best for your needs will depend on you and your lifestyle.

There is a simple way to figure out what is good and there are a couple of general rules of thumb that apply to everyone. They are "Fresh and Pure."

This is an easy concept to follow and remember to make sure that all the food that you eat is fresh and pure. Make sure that you listen to your inner knowing and it will assure you that you are eating the right foods.

If you have a craving to eat steak, eat it and if you want fresh vegetables, eat them. When you have an urge to eat fruit, eat it or if you want some nuts or seeds, eat nuts and seeds. When you make a food choice that is from the fresh and pure selections, you will not have to worry about your calories, carbs, fat, cholesterol or anything else because you will be eating food that is good and healthy for you.

So you may be asking yourself what is the meaning of fresh? The definition of fresh food is anything that is not in a can or box. The majority of things that are stored in a can or box are old and dead. The main stay of the food is long gone and it is no longer considered fresh. I am not saying that everything in a box or can is not fresh, but the majority of the time, it is not. Frozen food is usually fresher than canned or boxed food because it does not last as long frozen.

The next question is what does pure mean? The definition of pure is nothing artificial and nothing added to the food including poisons, pesticides or one of the biggest culprits which is refined carbohydrates which is commonly known as sugar. The majority of items that you purchase in a grocery store have sugar added to them. There are even many health food stores that have sugar added to their products. Pure food gives you the guarantee that it is certified organic food which is better for your body.

If a food product can meet the standards of being both fresh and pure, it gives you the satisfaction of having peace of mind that it is good for you and your body. There is not one food that is fresh and pure that will be right for everyone as well as be wrong for everyone either.

There are some people who are better off not to eat late at night, others are. Some people do well at skipping breakfast while others do not. Eating three large meals a day works for some while others do better snacking throughout the day. A lot of people like to have a variety of foods in their diets while others prefer to eat the same foods over and over again. As you can see, it really is different for everyone.

Last of all, it is important to choose foods that you want to eat that are fresh and pure. Listen to your inner self that is telling you what to eat and you will be content. Eating healthy is the best solution for a weight loss solution in your life.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you would like some great free information on eating healthy, than please visit my eating healthy web site where you will find some great tips to help you live a long and healthy life.


How Exercise Balls Have Evolved Into Exercise Equipment For Everyone

It was Swiss medical therapists that invented the exercise ball and it has become a most popular hit to say the least. People are attracted to the shapes and colors of the balls and they are quite useful when it comes to exercising because they offer so much support. The best thing about exercise balls is that they help to strengthen and tone all parts of the body but because they are so soft many people are using them as part of their yoga rituals.

People seem to really enjoy the exercise balls because they are so durable and can withstand just about anything. They maintain their shape and can withstand a lot of weight. Another benefit is that they are not harmful in any way to your body at all. There are several styles and colors to choose from, they are very easy to store and a lot of people even let their children play with them too.

The exercise ball was originated for medical purposes and used in medical therapy to support the body during exercise. They actually help maintain some balance. There is no worry about the ball bursting because of the material that it is made from heavy duty latex. There are some exercises within the boundaries of yoga and outside those boundaries that can only be used with the exercise balls. Exercise balls can make a big difference when it comes to the limitations that are set for particular exercises that would not otherwise be able to be done on a floor.

Many people feel that the exercise ball offers stability that would not other wise is possible but the exercise eliminates that instability and helps to maintain balance. It also helps people to use muscles that they would not otherwise use. Exercise balls are very useful for spinal injuries and people with back problems. Physiotherapy very often uses the exercise ball as part of their practice. However it has been proven to be very efficient in the reduction of any back pains. The Swiss exercise ball provides people with back pain and back injuries a very simple and effortless way to restore movement after a back episode or injury. It strengthens the muscles in the body but especially in the back and allows for greater flexibility.

Many rely on the exercise ball for the core strength of their workout. There are a few things that you should know about which exercise ball might work best for you. Before you buy a ball, make sure it's the right size for your height. To test it, sit on the ball and make sure your hips are level or just slightly higher than the knees. Even if you are obese you will find many balls that can easily hold over 600 pounds. There are essentially many ways to use the exercise ball such as for weight training, abdominal training, yoga and Pilates. When you incorporate some of the exercise DVDs with the use of the exercise ball you will find that you can really benefit from these together.


Some Great Exercise Tips To Keep You In Shape For Tennis

As you can see and think tennis is a pretty good sport to do if you are in need of some exercise. It is not a sport that you can just do and then lay around. It is one of those types of sports where when you are playing it you are constantly running and trying to keep up with it. I have played tennis and I know what it takes to play the sport. You do not have to be in top shape to play the sport but if you are going to be actually playing the sport then you need to be able to run quick and get to the ball so you can hit it back. Tennis is a cardio sport and you need to be able to do that in order to play this sport.

If you have the energy to go running or jogging then you have the ability to play a good game of tennis. It is just one of those sports that you need to be able to run and keep up with yourself or your teammate that you are playing tennis with. Running is just part of the game and if you cannot run or jog for at least like 20 to 30 minutes then you are not going to be able to play the game of tennis because it will be too hard on you and you will more then likely get sick. So if you are out of shape then you need to run or jog so that you can get in shape to play the sport.

If you are looking for a nice good powerful swing then you need to work on your abs. you will want your abs to look good and be toned so that you can get a good strong swing. Without a good strong swing in tennis you will not be able to play the sport vigorously so you need to start getting your workout in so you will be able to keep up. If you cannot keep up then you will not be able to stay on the court and your teammate will probably find someone else to start playing with.

Your back muscles will need to be in good shape as well. You will need to basically tone out your whole body in order for yourself to play the sport with style and talent. You will be a whole different player in tennis after you have undergone your transformation. You will be able to play for longer and harder when you are in good shape.

You arms and your legs will be your two main places that you need to keep in shape and keep them doing something everyday. Without your arms and legs you are not a tennis player. After you have toned out everything then you can start to play the sport with fun because you will be able to wing that ball and be able to play the sport.


How To Go About Redecorating Your Home Gym

Most homeowners are known for decorating and changing the look of their home. If there's an area in their home that they thing needs a change, they immediately consult their home magazines, HGTV, and go to Lowe's or Home Depot for color swatches. The area to be changed is inconsequential; it is the change itself that matters to the homeowner. With many people putting home gyms in their homes it is no wonder that some are beginning to redecorate these areas as well.

With redecorating your home gym you want to first remember what the room is used for. A home gym is a room used for working your body out and burning fat. This area is intended for weight loss and should look like a gym room. With these tips in mind, decorating your home gym should make the room look better, add to the appearance and make the room look like a home gym.

Perhaps more so than other rooms, redecorating your home gym may require you to use your imagination a bit more. This project could be hard for you if the gym in your house isn't your favorite room in the house. If you are not an active person or just don't use your home gym, discovering ways to improve the room may not really interest you at all, at least not as much as decorating your kitchen would.

One area that may give you a little difficulty is choosing a theme for your home gym. It's not exactly a room to paint gold but it's a room that's needs some texture. Decorating your home gym should bring energy and life into the room. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the use of bright colors and lots lights.

When it comes to adding accessories to your home gym room again you have to focus on what the room is used for and stay away from white walls and pretty flowers. Of course mirrors and clocks are always a good addition to a home gym as the mirror forces you to look at yourself and enables you to see areas you need to work on and a clock will help keep you focused on your rest times. Another smart thing to add would be a nice stereo system so you can listen to motivating music while you work out. This is another nice thing about having a gym at home, you can crank up the music you want to listen to and you don't have to wear headphones.


Using The Correct Fitness Mats

There is no mandatory need for using Exercise Mats. However it is recommended by most fitness instructors to use them whilst working out as they can cushion the impact on areas such as the knees, especially with the more intense workouts. The right exercise mat can help you achieve the most out of your fitness regime. At the very least it will make you more comfortable!

It is also a good idea for you to own an exercise mat for practical reasons. If you are working out at home, it prevents you getting sweat stains on your carpet. When using a Swiss ball, a mat will ensure that your ball is less likely to be popped from the floor. Anyone going to a gym can usually use the mats available. However it is probably more beneficial and hygienic to use your own and regularly wash it.

The wrong type of mat can make exercises more difficult. For example if you are practicing yoga you do not want a mat that is too slippery and ideally it should be quite thin. This is because there are quite a few standing poses that require balance and correct posture. A good yoga mat should have good grip and should also have a large enough surface area to give you the space you need to practise.

Another practical concern of using a fitness mat is how it helps absorb the impact of any pressure on problem areas such as knees or elbows. Many people can have persistent injuries in these areas if they do not have sufficient protection whilst exercising. While it is still important to do a proper warm up to prevent injuries, this is a important consideration. Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and people can be put off if they feel that their workout is to come with unnecessary pain.

What people should also consider is what kind of material the mat is made from. Commonly they are made from synthetic materials such as PVC but increasingly you can get mats made from natural materials like jute. Whatever material you choose, the mat should be firm but not too hard. It should also provide enough grip that it does not slip along the surface.

When choosing an exercise mat, you should pick one that stays flat, even in storage. Some mats can be rolled up to be stored away, while others can be carried with specially attached straps. It is important the mat stays flat so that you can maintain your grip on the floor when completing exercise.

If you are unsure of the best type of Fitness Mats that are best for your workout then you should contact a fitness instructor. A good professional should know the best material to limit any potential injuries. You can also see demonstration videos online that will show you how to correctly use the mats to get long term usage from them.


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